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Moni Sattler - Inner Power Activator

Who am I and why did I build this?

I have been looking for balance and happiness for many years in my life until I figured out that happiness resides within me. I understood that if I don’t get in contact with my inner self and if I keep looking for approvals and stuff from outside, I will never be truly happy.

I have always loved energy work and when I got introduced to chakra, my whole world changed. It has been many years since I have worked with chakras and I have developed my own methods on how to heal myself. I have always been a free spirit and I was never scared to make my own rules and follow my heart.

Today there is no day without my Three Chakra Keys. It improves my every day, helps me to understand myself, my feelings and issues, it makes my day start and finish the right way, it simply improves my life. 

Now I want to share my Three Chakra Keys with you. I think they are so brilliant, it would be selfish to keep them only to myself. I want to help you to achieve the same balance and happiness through these simple Three Chakra Keys and just 10 minutes of your everyday life.

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