Energy Alchemist - Moni Sattler

Energy Alchemist challenge

Discover how to cultivate, sense, and transform your energy in 21 days, so you turn your life around and finally manifest what you desire.

This challenge is for you if:

You finally want to understand the secret of the Law of Attraction and learn simple methods that will take you where you want to be

You want to intentionally use your own energy and power to manifest everything in your life

You want to learn to sense and clear energy so you can come home to yourself

You are confused in your life and do you want to gain clarity on what is the next step

You are tired of being dependent on other people and circumstances in your life in order to get something you desire

You are tired of being down and not getting what you desire

You want to take control of your life and finally do what you desire

Do you scream YEEEES then you have landed here for a reason

Energy Alchemist - Moni Sattler

What if…

… you were able to manifest your heart’s desires with confidence, ease, and expectancy …

… you were in balance and experience clarity in your everyday…

… you were able to always stand strong through any storm…

… you were confident in everything you do…

… you were able to let go of your past and live in the present…

… you had positive mindset and outlook on life …

… you were able to turn your life around to and transform any negative experience to you advantage…

… you wake up every day looking forward to what is bringing you joy…

Energy Alchemist challenge will help you achieve all this, and more!

You, your surroundings, the people around you and nature, all is one, all is energy that vibrates on a specific frequency.

Everything you have today, you have attracted to your life yourself, with your energy, with your vibration. By working with your energy, you learn to not only transform it but you will learn how to attract intentionally things you want to have in your life.

Often, we block ourselves by believing in what has been taught to us in our past and what’s being taught to us in the present.

But let me assure you that YOU CREATE your reality.

It is possible to rewrite your beliefs and attract that what you WANT to have in your life. You can have anything, really anything. You are the creator; you allow your reality. All that by working, sensing and transforming your own energy.

You do not need anything or anyone else than yourself to manifest the life you want.

Energy Alchemist is your blueprint do exactly that


Five master classes

1. Learn who is Energy Alchemist and discover the amazing power that already resides within you

2. Law of Attraction & energy: Learn to attract intentionally with the Law of Attraction and manifest the life you wish for.

3. How to activate and use your Intuition and get clarity and inner peace with simple Meditation methods

4. Adopt seven most powerful Healing methods to uplift your energy at all times.

5. Learn amazing Energy tools that transform your day


Three guided meditations for each week to raise your energy vibe

Week 1: meditation “Lift up your energy”

Week 2: meditation “Believe in yourself and your inner power”

Week 3: meditation “Become Master Manifestor”

In the beginning of each week you will get a new meditation with a special theme


Bonus: (PDF to download)

Progress tracker to check up on your daily progress

Beautiful journal to write into

21 inspirational mails to your mailbox with guidance on how to stay on track

Back in 2011 when I discovered that I am responsible for my life and I can change everything I have and receive, I was astonished. I could not believe the fact that I DECIDE, how can I? But there has been this little voice telling me to go forth on the discovery mission and find out more about energy and law of attraction. I was attracted to this sacred secret.

As I went forth, step by step, discovering that it really works and I that am capable of attracting what I desire, I went all in and have been working with energy ever since.

You see, everything you think that ”is” or “is not” possible, will be your reality. And that’s the tricky part of working with energy and the law of attraction. Because the secret is that you attract what you believe you can or cannot have.

These beliefs of lack or abundance are created throughout your life as you go grow, go through school, work life, make experiences in life. These experiences create your beliefs about the life that is possible for you. These beliefs reside in your subconscious mind and those are responsible of your action towards your reality. I am here to tell you that it is possible to rewrite all of that.

The big secret is that you at any time can rewrite your beliefs and attract what you desire.

Because what you desire deep in your core, is what you came here to experience, it is a deep desire of your soul and it is your birthright to have it all. It is not coincidence that you desire exactly that, you came here to do that.

As I went on on my journey, I realized my mind was very fixed on the bad thing in my life, on the things I didn’t like and slowly I started changing that and my perceptions, my thoughts, my beliefs, I gained huge confidence in myself and MY POWER to create the life I WANT. I realized that I DESERVE everything my heart desires.

And please know that my childhood had taught me poorness, low self-esteem, not having enough, not being worth it… I have raised from nothing to everything, just by changing my energy, my thoughts and my beliefs about what’s possible for me.

The essence of life is to grow, enjoy life, attract what you desire, experience ease and happiness, see everything as it is and making the best of everything you experience. You came here to live a life of abundance, please allow yourself to accept this thought. You deserve to be happy and live at ease.

After Energy Alchemist challenge you will…

… understand how to uplift your energy and understand the Law of Attraction, putting yourself in the drivers seat as the creator of your life experience

… know how to heal yourself in any given situation

… know how to turn any negative experience into a positive one

… become Energy Alchemist og your life experience

… have positive outlook on your future