I only have one mission:

To help you find your© calling and shine your light

Find the way to YOU© through spiritual tools, healing, chakra and energy work.

I only have one mission:

To help you find yourself and stand strong in who you are

Find the way to YOU© through spiritual tools, healing, chakra and energy work.

Welcome to Soul Space Hub, where I help you find the way to YOU© and your unique light, so that you shine bright and get the best out of your life

But first… What is Soul Space? Soul Space is where your soul resides. There resides all your talents and gifts, your life purpose and the reason you are here on Earth. In Soul Space lives 100% authentic YOU© and your bright light.

You were born with this incredibly powerful and wonderful light, a soul light that is filled with your unique talents and gifts. This light is always with you, but it happens to get dimmed by life’s experiences and challenges, which try to keep your light in the shadows.

At some point in your life, your light starts to shine through. It wants to tell you the time is now, the time to wake up. You may feel that there is more to you, that there is something else you are here to do than what you are doing now. Or maybe you are already on your way to follow your soul light, but the road is hard and unclear.

And there is a reason why you have landed right here, right now! You are here to find your light and shine so brightly that nothing and no one can dim your soul light again.

I have walked the path myself and have learned to shine my light bright regardless of circumstances, past narratives or limiting beliefs. And I look forward to showing you the way to YOU© and shining with YOUR soul light!

Your soul light is calling you, it wants to be seen and spread in the world. That’s why you came, that’s why you’re here.

The world needs YOU©!

Visit your Soul Space

Download my free meditation, which takes you to your Soul Space, where you meet your soul light, all your unique gifts and talents and you get the clarity of why you are really here.

*Ved at hente gratis meditationen, giver du samtykke til at blive tilmeldt mit nyhedsbrev

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Who am I:

My name is Monika

I am a spiritual coach and energy mentor, chakra and angel healer, designer of spiritual jewelry and have worked with spiritual self-development for about 5 years.

I know how hard it is to wonder why you are here and feel like you do not fit. And not to be able to be 100% yourself and live the life you deep down long for.

The day I had enough of being on sick leave with stress and depression, that day I activated my inner light. I have stopped listening to those who told me what I should! I’ve been on a quest to find myself! And I’m sharing everything I’ve learned with you here.

My greatest mission is to be light and inspiration for you and to activate your inner strength so that you stand strong in yourself and shine with your light.

You are unique, you are here for a reason, find yourself and keep being YOU©. The world needs the very you.


… listen to my Soul Space music and get inspired

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My soul wrote to your soul …

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